Mess in Peace

Mess in Peace

In the course „Active Sport Games“ we learned to use the Microsoft Kinect for games.
The Kinect is a cool device for sport games and every game that encourages the player to move.
We wanted to create a game that plays a little bit like Eye Toy for the PlayStation 2, so we created together with Tobias Klesel Mess in Peace!


After your grandmother died you inherit her house. You haven’t seen it for some time, so you take a look at it right now.
Ooooohhh, it is really a mess here! Tons of useless things lie here, so many flies fly around and the tables are really dirty.
You don’t want to live here, but you can’t sell it like that!
So start to clean the house, the cleaner it gets the higher is the selling price.


Each room has to be cleaned. Start by clapping these annoying flies around here.
Every fly you clap leaves a dirty mark on the table, so you have to clean the table afterwards.
Then you have to punch all the things away that fall directly at your head.
You play the game directly with your body, simply with the Kinect.

Ingame Screenshot from Mess in Peace

If you want to see more of the game, here is a trailer!


It was funny to develop a game for the Kinect. Sometimes frustrating, because it is a buggy, but fun anyways.
While developing, you have to to move yourself, else you can’t test your game!
Microsoft itself has stopped to update the Kinect SDK, so we had to use an old version of Unity. That was sometimes a problem, because different Unity versions aren’t alway compatible!
We won’t upload the game here because the target group for players with a Kinect connected to their PC is like 0.0001%.

Let the cleaning beginn!