Screenshot from the introducing story of chocoshooter

TUM Demo Day, here we come

A part of our education at the TUM is to create a game with Unity.
We created a game called "Chocoshooter", a mix of a spaceshooter and third person shooter.
Our game was selected to be presented at the TUM Demo Day, a big honor looking at all the great games created by other students!

The gingerbread village has a big problem, the unicorn is angry and throws gumballs from the ice cream mountain!
You have to save those poor villagers, climb into the newly created spaceship, fly over the sea of pudding, the chocolate street and to the top of the ice cream mountain and fight the unicorn. In the meantime, you also have to calm down the chocolate rabbits, who got mad out of nowhere.

Are you ready for the sweetest adventure you will ever experience?

The idea for this game came from Beate, she thought of an easy to implement but fun to play game which uses some elements we already learned.
She also made all the graphics and coded the spaceshooter levels, John created the Miniboss and the Unicorn levels.

If you are curious why an unicorn can be mad, download the game now for macOS!
(Windows version in development)

Download Chocoshooter for macOS
Download Chocoshooter for Windows

Logo Disturbing Magnets

Our first GameJam

Recently, we attended at our first GameJam, the SemesterGameJam!

A GameJam is an event where teams of game developers try to create games in a weekend, with as little sleep as possible.
The team size is about five to six people, everybody with a different background and full of motivation.

We worked in a team of six people on a game called Disturbing Magnets!
Two competing construction companies fight about a plot of land, they agreed on building a tower each and who build the highest tower wins the plot of land.
Unfortunately, after the deadline both towers are equally high and they had to find another solution to see who wins.
So they agreed on a battle on the rooftop with powerful magnets, each team stands on their own tower and tries to push their opponents of the rooftop.
The team that pushes the other team in two minutes most often wins and gets the plot of land plus both towers.

We implemented the game with Unity 3D, Beate made all the 3D models and John did some programming.
The game uses standard Xbox controllers and is playable on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Our teammates were amazing, we learned a lot at this event and the organization was also very good.

We can't wait to participate at the next SemesterGameJam!


You can download Disturbing Magnets here, plays best with two Xbox Controllers!