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Manage the containers of a big cargo ship and prevent the harbor from a chaotic disaster together
with your team while sitting on your comfy couch.
Move around with your forklift and deliver the containers to the right truck.
Or stack the containers with the crane into each other and create more valuable combo containers!

Up to four players!

Grab some friends and controllers and start playing. The game only works with controllers to ensure everybody has the best experience.
Have fun together and try to reach three stars at every level.

People playing Container Masters

Play with friends

Pick up some controllers and play with up to four friends!

Work together and master every level or play against each other and see who's the best.

Three exciting levels!


Start at a relaxing beach and begin you container delivery journey. Learn the basics of the game while playing.


Advance to a spooky world and fight ghosts the way ghosts are meant to be fought: by vacuuming them! Don't let them catch you, they drive you crazy.
Luckily you can help each other.


Now it's getting cold! The ice world is slippery and, well, ice cold.
Don't get too frozen, or you turn into an ice block.
You can always warm up at the fireplace or bump into each other to unfreeze.

And it's windy there, but you will figure that out!

Looping animation where a crane picks up a container and drops it again
Looping animation of a ghost
Looping animation of a fireplace
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Check out our Discord Community to share your gameplay, bring your ideas and report bugs!


UAS Technikum

The game was awarded with the Best in Class Award of the UAS Technikum Vienna!

UAS Technikum Vienna


The game was presented at the LEVEL UP gaming festival in Salzburg!



You can watch us stream the game with the FM4 Spielekammerl!

FM4 Spielekammerl